Maiden Voyage (Live)


• Maiden Voyage (Live) • new live album, released February 18, 2022.

Maiden Voyage, a soulful journey into the uncharted seas of the universe.
Set your compass for this musical odyssey and travel beyond the infinite.



  1. Prologue (Live)
  2. No Means Yes (Live)
  3. Sleepwalker (Live)
  4. Disconnect (Live)
  5. Afterimage of Love (Live)
  6. Voyager (Live)
  7. The Driver (Live)
  8. Future Memories (Live)
  9. Singularity (Live)
  10. Epilogue (Live)

Recorded live, october 9th 2021

Digital album | MP3, 320 kbps •

Written, composed, produced, mixed & mastered by Casper Seyna
Artwork design, art direction by Casper Seyna